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Our Flavors

We feature a variety of gelato flavors that will change on a rotating basis. Served in a bowl or house-made brown butter waffle cone.

Single (Two Scoops): $6.00 | Double (Four Scoops): $8.00

Extra Scoop: +$1.25 | 1.5 Pints $15.00

*Please note that some flavors will have an up charge due to speciality ingredients

Fior di Latte

Vanilla Tonka Bean
Frozen Hot Chocolate

Hazelnut & Miso Caramel
Sicilian Wild Flower Chai Tea*


Cardamom, Vanilla & Mascarpone

Caramelized White Chocolate, Orange &

Biscoff Cookie*

Buttermilk & Lemon Poppy Seed

Basil, Lime & Pink Peppercorn

 Strawberry & Elderflower*

Green Apple Sorbet


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